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Responsible Pet Ownership

Get advice how you can be a responsible pet owner and care best for your pet

We at Hook Veterinary Centre cannot imagine life without our pets.

We see for ourselves day in and day out in our work how pet ownership enhances the lives of so many people. We believe pets are good for people. They are loyal, devoted to pleasing their owners and bring fun and comfort. But they need us just as much as we want to own them!

The choice of pet is so important for that relationship to be a fulfilling one. The investigation into the commitments of pet ownership before embarking on owning a pet should be thorough.

First and foremost - what type of pet is going to suit what you can offer? Any pet requires consideration about their care 24/7 365 days of the year for their lifetime. Every pet deserves to be warm, comfortable, fed and watered correctly, exercised for mental and physical health and treated with kindness at all times.

The Animal Welfare Act 2006 has fortunately provided pets with protection they have not always enjoyed. Owners have a duty of care to ensure that the needs of their pets are met.

The welfare of pets is our priority and we are here to offer you the very best advice to keep them in their prime.

There is a massive amount of information available regarding pets - on the internet, in the media and commercially. This can be overwhelming and often conflicting. What do you believe?

As experienced veterinary professionals with a genuine desire to care for pets, we can help you to make sense of all that information. We have years of training and experience, we are friendly and approachable and best equipped to advise on what your pet needs.

Pets do not have a voice and their welfare is in our hands. They deserve respect, kindness and good health in return for the pleasure and unfailing loyalty they give us.