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  • Out of hours01252 737555


Emergency vets in Hampshire that are ready to help 24/7 should you need it

Emergency outside of working hours

In the event of an emergency out of normal working hours, please call the Vets Now Emergency Clinic in Farnham on 01252 737555.

The Vets Now phone number can also be heard on the Hook Veterinary Centre our of hours answerphone message by ringing 01256 764771

You can ring them for advice in an emergency and if necessary, their vets and nurses will arrange to see your pet and provide treatment in an emergency at the Farnham Clinic.

Find them here:

Vets Now Farnham

Hale Road

As with any professional service provider, out of hours fees are higher to reflect the increased costs of providing intensive care and full emergency operating facilities throughout the night and on weekends and bank holidays.