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Price Guide

View some of the prices for our affordable veterinary services at Hook Vets


  Standard Price
Dog & Cat Initial Consultation £46.22
Dog & Cat Follow-up Consultation £42.94
Small Animal Consultation £42.90


Dog Vaccinations Standard Price
Full Course (DHPL4) - 4 - 6 weeks apart £75.90
Annual DHPL4 Booster Vaccination £52.82
Annual Kennel Cough Vaccination* £38.41
Rabies - every 3 years £68.06

*10% discount if given at the same time as the booster

Cat Vaccinations Standard Price
Cat Flu, Leukaemia & Enteritis Course £75.92
Cat Flu, Leukaemia & Enteritis Booster £56.36


Rabbit Vaccinations Standard Price
Myxo + RHD £47.48
VHD2 £35.33


Cat Neutering Standard Price
Cat Castration (Male) £71.39
Cat Spay (Female) £85.82


Dog Neutering Standard Price
Dog <25kg Castration (Male) £186.77
Dog <25kg Spay (Female) £274.70
Dog 25-45kg Castrate (Male) £220.09
Dog 25-45kg Spay (Female) £324.50
Dog >45kg Castrate (Male) £263.89
Dog >45kg Spay (Female) £396.78


Rabbit/Small Pet Neutering Standard Price
Rabbit Castration (Male) £105.00
Rabbit Spay (Female) £135.00