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If you are looking to book a cat vaccination, please be aware that there is an ongoing shortage of some cat vaccines affecting all UK Veterinary practices. Find out more here.

Price Guide

View some of the prices for our veterinary services at Hook Vets


  Standard Price
Dog & Cat Initial Consultation £56.50
Dog & Cat Follow-up Consultation £54.00
Small Animal Consultation £49.50


Dog Vaccinations Standard Price
Full Course (DHPL4) - 4 - 6 weeks apart £100.00
Annual DHPL4 Booster Vaccination £80.00
Annual Kennel Cough Vaccination* £48.50
Rabies - every 3 years £95.00

£34.00 if given with annual vaccine

Cat Vaccinations Standard Price
Cat Flu, Leukaemia & Enteritis Course £100.00
Cat Flu, Leukaemia & Enteritis Booster £85.00


Rabbit Vaccinations Standard Price
Myxo & RHD  £54.55
RHD2 £45.00 
Combined £100


Cat Neutering Standard Price
Cat Castration (Male) £100.00
Cat Spay (Female) £130.00


Dog Neutering Standard Price
Dog <25kg Castration (Male) £270.00
Dog <25kg Spay (Female) £365.00
Dog 25-45kg Castration (Male) £315.00
Dog 25-45kg Spay (Female) £440.00
Dog >45kg Castration (Male) £375.00
Dog >45kg Spay (Female) £510.00


Rabbit/Small Pet Neutering Standard Price
Rabbit Castration (Male) £160.00
Rabbit Spay (Female) £210.00


  Standard Price
Nail Clip with Vet £28.00
Nail Clip with Nurse £20.00
Anal Glands with Vet  £45.00
Anal Glands with Nurse £23.50
Microchipping £40.00
Pre-op Bloods £90.00

Prices effective January 2023