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Dee Watts

Reception Lead

Dee Watts - Reception Lead
Dee Watts Reception Lead

I have previously done a great mix of jobs, from boats, to information, photography and doughnuts, I have tried a lot of things! I have loved learning from every job I have had and certainly get told I am a people pleaser because of this. In every job, I try to achieve the very best I can. When my job brings me new challenges, I know I can complete them by using the skills and knowledge from my previous jobs.

I am really interested in animals and photography, It is extremely rare that I can go for a walk without noticing a dog or two. I always have my phone or camera on me, you never know when the perfect photo opportunity is going to pop up, so I like to be prepared. I love learning new things about animals, my job at Hook Vets allows this even more, the hook vets family are very good at answering all of my bizarre and wonderful quiz questions.

At home, My family includes 5 dogs, 2 cats, 1 Degzu, 1 Ferret and a tonne of fish. I have previously had rats, rabbits, hamsters etc. so like to see the little animals too and will in future be adopting another little animal to live with us. My dogs love to spend time walking along the canal by our house, or protecting our garden from scary enemies, such as falling leaves. They are my main feature in my photography and they certainly know how to pose!

Currently I am very happy being a receptionist at Hook Vets, However I do like to help out back after my shifts occasionally and have spoken about maybe doing an apprenticeship as a nurse when the time is right. I love being a receptionist though as I  get to see the cute dogs and cats first! I am never one to shy away from holding a puppy or a dog, if you need me to snuggle your precious furry baby for a few minutes, just let me know! (The answer is never going to be No!)